One of the defining features of a PRINCE2 project is that it is finite i.e. a start and an end point. If the project loses this distinctiveness

A clear end to a project:

✔ Is always more successful than a slow drift into use.

✔ Privdes an opportunity to ensure that all unachieved goals and objectives are identified so that they can be addressed in the future.

✔ Transfer ownership of the products to the customer and terminates the responsibility of the project management team.

Any closure activities should be planned as part of the stage plan for the final management stage. When closing a project, work is required to prepare input the project board in order to gain the required authorisation to close the project. As a result, the executive should also notify corporate or programme management that the project has closed.

The project board may also want to close the project early (e.g. if the business case is no longer justified), if this is the case the process still needs to be executed, but tailored to the actual project's situation.