Outlining the structure of PRINCE2

The Process Model

The main part of the PRINCE2 structure is the process model.

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The process model has 7 main sections. It is helpful to think of each process as a checklist. As a result, just because something is on the checklist it doesn't mean you absolutely have to do it. Checklists are useful to show you what you don't have to do, as well as what you do.

These processes are not linear, some will be done in parrelel and others will be repeated.

The first two proccesses, and part of the third are mainly involved with getting the project underway, taking decisions about it and planning at the three levels of details

The Four Elements of PRINCE2

PRINCE2 integrats four elements that address project management. These are:

✔ The Principles.

✔ The Themes.

✔ The Processes.

✔ Tailoring PRINCE2 to the project environment.