Tailoring PRINCE2 to a Project

Multi-Organisation Environment

When organisations are collaborationing on projects things can get difficult. For example, there are many things to agree upon before anything can begin to move. Or if one organisation does not agree with something it may bring the whole project to a halt.

✔ A lead organisation may be supported by numerous others to support. In this case, it will be agreed upon that the leading organisation will ensure that the rest all agree up front that their decision will be the final.

✔ If one organisation has a higher budget and uses this to the detriment of other projects it may require some stern words to come to a fair agreement between organisations.

✔ Communication and decision making involving all of the sponsoring organisations. An effective project board should have a maximum of six members, which may be an issue if you have 10 collaborating organisations.

✔ It is important to consider whether the participating organisations have a sufficient common objectives and culture to work together successfully. Any conflicts brings risks which increases the likelihood of waste. If it is obvious there are clashes, it may be best in the long run not to undertake the project. If it is imperative that they work together, rules must be laid down to help guide and resolve problems that arise.