Introduction to PRINCE2 and this site

Before exploring the intricacies and detail of PRINCE2 getting an idea of the origins, philosophy and reasoning behind the PRINCE2 methodology.

PRINCE2 stands for PRojects IN a Controlled Environment, and is currently in it's second version, hence PRINCE2. However, small changes and modifications are made from time to time which are released in new editions of the PRINCE2 manual.

This manual can be purchased here from the official PRINCE2 website.

PRINCE2 originally began as a method called PROMPT II (PRoject Organisation, Management and Planning Technique) and was developed by a private company. The UK government bought the rights to the method and took into account suggestions and improvements and was renamed PRINCE2. At the time, it was focused mainly at computer projects.

PRINCE2 was made publically available (and free!) and it spread into different types of organisations and countries. People applied the principles of PRINCE2 (that was still aimed at computer projects) and aimed them to business projects. This was largely successful. This wider use was recognised and the method was given a new structure that made it much easier to use and more accessible (by removing complex IT terminology for example). As a result PRINCE2 has become an outstanding success and continues to be a de facto standard for public sector companies in the UK and PRINCE2 continues to grow worldwide.

This website aims to deliver both a foundation of PRINCE2 information whilst also offering a more in depth description of the method. This will be supported by interactive features such as quizzes. So, feel free to explore and learn more about PRINCE2!

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