This process describes the work undertaken by the project manager in handling the day-to-day management of the stage. This will occur for every delivery stage (apart from the last one).

This controlling a stage process is usually invoked after the Project Board authorises commencement of the project, however, it may be optionally be used during the initiation stage for larger projects.

Work packages are used to define and control work to be done, and also to set tolerances for the team managers. Work packages should be used to define and control the work of the individual team members being assigned work.

The key to succes of the project is the day-to-day control of the work that is being conducted. This will consist of:

✔ Authorizing work to be done

✔ Monitoring progress information about that work, including signing off completed Work Packages

✔ Reviewing the situation (including that for product quality) and triggering new Work Packages

✔ Reporting highlights

✔ Watching for, assessing and dealing with issues and risks

✔ Taking any necessary corrective action