PRINCE2 Principles

Defined Roles

A PRlNCE2 project has defined and agreed roles and responsibilities within an organization structure that engages the business, user and supplier stakeholder interests.

No amount of good planning or control will help if the wrong people are involved in a project, if the right people are not involved or those involved do not know what is expected.

To be successful, projects must have a well defined project management team structure consisting of defined and agreed roles and responsiblities for the people involved. An effective way of communicating must also be established.

All projects have three primary stakeholders, and all of these interests need to represented effectively in the project management team. If the costs outweight the benefits, the project will fail in the same way if the project does not deliver the requirements.

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This team unites the parties to work towards a common goal and answers the question for members, "What is expected of me?".